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What can I do?

What can you do about bullying?

  • Don’t panic! It can be sorted out.
  • Don’t believe the bullies. They’re not your friends and will say untrue, nasty things just to make you upset or angry.
  • Tell someone. This can be a friend, parent/carer or teacher, or you can call Childline and talk to a friendly counsellor. You won’t need to tell them your name. A counsellor is someone who you can share your worries with. Here’s a page of other people who can help you.
  • Try to stay away from the bullies. Stay close to your friends if you don’t feel safe. Make sure you walk or get the bus home from school with someone and ask your mates to look out for you.
  • Don’t fight back. You might feel like lashing out, but it won’t help. This can make things worse and could get you into trouble yourself.
  • Make a record. Keep any nasty notes, texts, emails or drawings the bullies have sent to you so that you can show someone what’s been happening.
  • And remember, it’s never your fault.

Have a look at our page on where you can get help.

Videos in British Sign Language (BSL)

For more advice videos in BSL, go to the Childline Deafzone site.

Need some more help?

If you’d like more help, support or want to ask us a question just email us (

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