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Tech of the Month: iLuv Smartshaker 2

How do you wake up in the morning?

Maybe you have an alarm clock on your bedside table or perhaps your mum wakes you up. But what if you go somewhere where you can’t plug in your alarm clock or what if you really just want to get up by yourself?

In that case you may like the iLuv Smartshaker2. It’s a vibrating pad no larger than your hand that links wirelessly to your iPhone or Android smartphone using Bluetooth. It is rechargeable and the app shows you when it needs to be recharged!

How do you set it up?

• Download the app listed in the Smartshaker2’s manual
• Link the Smartshaker2 to your smartphone using Bluetooth
• Set the alarm on the app
• Select the level of vibration and choose a ringtone or switch off the sound
• Stick the Smartshaker2 under your pillow and go to sleep.

When morning comes the vibrations should wake you up!

It definitely managed to wake up the six young people who tested it for us. Aliko (20), Ellie (15), Erin (17), Joab (12), Josh (15) and Nick (20) all agreed it has powerful vibrations, is easy to use, and they liked the smooth and lightweight design. Josh pointed out it is very good for nights away and holidays because it’s portable and doesn’t need to be plugged in. All six young people suggested we add it to our Technology Test Drive, so we did!

Would you like to borrow a SmartShaker2 from our Test Drive?

• Visit the Technology Test Drive website and go to vibrating alarm clocks
• Click on the link for the online order form. If you are under 16, ask your parent or carer to fill in the form. If you’re over 16 you can register as an NDCS member for free and fill in the form yourself or call the helpline on 0808 800 8880
• Try out the Smartshaker2 for four weeks
• Return the Smartshaker2 and the feedback form to NDCS via our freepost address

Don’t forget you can also email us if you’re interested in testing out the latest apps and technology.

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