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Tech of the Month: Bluetooth splitters (Kokkia iSplitter)

Enjoying music or TV with others

Some of you probably use a Bluetooth neckloop, Bluetooth headphones, or a streamer to listen to music or to watch programmes on your laptop, tablet or smartphone. But, what if you want to watch something with your friends or family? If you connect your Bluetooth device the sound through the normal speakers often stops working for everyone else.

This can make it very tricky to watch programmes with others because either you can hear the sound or they can. So we looked for a solution and think you may like what we found!

Kokkia iSplitter

The Kokkia iSplitter is a Bluetooth splitter which plugs into your laptop or other device. It can send sound to two Bluetooth products at the same time. For example, you could use your Bluetooth neckloop and your family could use Bluetooth speakers, so you can all listen to a programme or music together!

Here’s how to use the iSplitter

  • Put your Bluetooth headphones (or another Bluetooth receiver) in pairing mode
  • Press the button on the iSplitter until it turns green and is in pairing mode
  • Once the iSplitter is connected to your Bluetooth receiver the green light will flash slowly every 5 seconds
  • Put your second Bluetooth receiver in pairing mode
  • Briefly press the button on the iSplitter to connect to the second Bluetooth receiver. The green light will flash quickly when connecting and flash slowly again when connected
  • Insert the iSplitter into your laptop’s headphone jack and enjoy listening to sound through both Bluetooth receivers

The iSplitter is quite small, so you may find it a bit fiddly to set up. But once it’s set up, it could be fantastic for enjoying entertainment with others!

We have Bluetooth headphones, streamers and neckloops you can borrow from the Technology Test Drive to try out the with the iSplitter, but we don’t have the iSplitter on the Technology Test Drive website. If you want to buy the iSplitter, it’s available on for just under £45 (incl. VAT).

We’re looking for deaf young people like you to help us test and evaluate new tech that could help you! If you like the idea of evaluating the latest tech for free, send us an email at

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