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Everyone needs help and support at some point. Whether you’re looking for information about your deafness, planning for your future, keen to borrow the latest technology or to find out what financial support is available.

The National Deaf Children’s Society is here to give you lots of help and information!

But we need your help to find out how we can best do this. Fill in our survey and share your ideas.

Complete our survey!

Please fill in this survey if you can! It will take about ten minutes to do!

If you’re stuck with the survey email to get support

Get in touch

If you want to chat to someone to find out more or need some help, get in touch with our Helpline by emailing  chatting online at livechat 

What is a helpline?

A helpline is a service where you can get help, support and information on lots of different things about your deafness!

What does a helpline do?

They can give you lots of support with things like:

  • Making choices about your life and what you want to do! Your views matter!
  • Help you to choose things about your future – Sometimes it can be really hard to know what you want do, we can support you in whatever you want in future!
  • Knowing what your rights are at places like school or work. They can help you to know what support you can get.

How can I help?

We can give you lots of information and help but there might be other things you would like us to help you with too! To do this, we would really like you to get your views on what information and support would be useful to you!

At the moment, lots of adults, like your mums and dads and professionals get in touch with the helpline!

But we would love to know if there’s more we could do to support you as a deaf young person!

You can chat to us by:

But, is there other ways you would like to chat to us? We would love to know your views and want to make sure you can get all the information and support you need!

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