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Support with planning your future

When you’re 13 or 14 it’s time to start making choices about your future like what GCSEs (or national qualifications in Scotland) you’ll take.

After that you’ll have more decisions, like what to study at college, if you want to go into higher education and what you want to do for work.

It’s important you get the right information and support to make these decisions.

Without the right information and support it can be harder to make the choice that’s best for you.

For example, some people think that deaf young people can’t take a foreign language GCSE (wrong!), some people think they can’t do some jobs because of health and safety (often wrong!).

Deaf young people need the opportunity to meet with someone who tells them what they can do, not what they can’t do. They need someone to help them find ways of getting round difficulties.

For example, information on the support you can get at university might make you feel more confident about going.

Or information about how Access to Work can pay for things like interpreters and equipment like radio aids might make you decide to go for a career you were worried you couldn’t do.

What support should you get?

If you have an Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan, coordinated support plan (CSP) or statement then the law says your future after leaving school must be talked about in annual review meetings from Year 9 (S2 in Scotland) onwards.

Sometimes this planning for your future will happen in a transition meeting. Transition is the name given to a time when you’re moving from one stage of your life to another. For example, changing school or leaving education.

If you don’t have a plan or statement then you might not get this support to plan for your future. But, your school or college must make sure you have independent careers advice.


In Scotland all young people with additional needs should have transition planning before leaving school. And you should get a lead person to help you plan and make choices about your future.

Things to think about

We have a list of questions (and some example answers) to help you think through your choices if you:

  • have a decision to make about your future
  • have a transition meeting
  • are going to an annual review where your future after school will be talked about
  • have a meeting with a careers adviser.

We also have a guide called This is…My Future which takes you through the options you have when you leave school or college.

Not happy with the support you’re getting to plan for your future?

If you don’t think your school has helped you plan for the future very well, then please get in touch with our Helpline by emailing: or chatting online at

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