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What is the Right to Sign campaign?

The Right to Sign campaign is all about giving more young people a chance to learn British Sign Language (BSL). We’ve launched a petition to make BSL a GCSE and need your support – sign the petition now!

Did you know BSL is an official language in the UK? BUT, it can be really expensive to learn! That’s because BSL is not taught in most schools and it is difficult to find local courses.

“I’d like it to be near to me. My mum would have to drive 40mins to get me to a class & then pay for it.”

Our Young People’s Advisory Board (YAB), a group of 16 deaf young people from all over the UK, wanted to find out if young people were interested in learning BSL. Over 2000 young people filled in their survey and a whopping 97% thought BSL should be taught in schools!

“I think sign language is great and everyone should have the opportunity to learn.”

YAB members’ Beth and Aliko explain the campaign and the survey results in the video below.

Want to get involved?

The Scottish Parliament is already discussing the possibility of a BSL National 4/5 and they want to hear from you! And in England, Wales and Northern Ireland we need to ask the Government to do more.

Remember, you can also help by telling other young people about the Right to Sign campaign!

Want more information?

Read our Right to Sign short report. We also have more BSL information in this section of the Buzz.

Do you want more information or want to ask us a question about the Right to Sign campaign? Just email us (

Are you over 25, a parent or professional? We have more information for you here.

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