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Right to Sign – Parents and Professionals

Why is the Right to Sign campaign important?

Over 2000 young people from around the UK were surveyed to find out if they wanted to learn BSL. 97% thought BSL should be taught in schools and 92% thought BSL should be offered as a GCSE or Scottish National 4/5.

Our Young People’s Advisory Board was inspired to create the Right to Sign campaign. They want to help young people learn BSL in schools. They need your help to get politicians in all four countries to listen.

Want to help?

You can take action in your country! Choose your country below to take action:

Northern Ireland 

They can’t do it without your help so take action today to make sure BSL is taught in schools! The Right to Sign campaign can help to remove communication barriers for deaf children and young people.

“My mom and dad had to pay a lot of money to learn level one to communicate with me as I got older. But as I grow up and use sign in more detail I worry they may fall behind if they can’t pay for level 2 or more.”

Lots of young people felt that learning BSL would help them later in their lives. Some deaf young person feel that universities would appreciate the fact that they had made an effort to learn the language if it was available as a GCSE (Scottish National 4/5). And other deaf young people felt it would remove negative stereotypes about deaf people.

“It’s not just about me, my family need to be able to sign as well. I don’t have friends because I can’t communicate with people. It’s not fair. I’m sad”

Want to find out more?

You can read the full Right to Sign report to find out what they said. If you’re not part of our campaigning network, you can sign up here.

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