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Raising the Bar – Terms and Conditions

Applicant requirements

To be able to apply, you must be:
  • 8–18 years old
  • live in the United Kingdom (UK)
  • mild, moderate, severe or profoundly deaf
  • able to go to Birmingham 28-29 September 2019 for the event!
Your video should be 1 – 2 minutes long and an example of drama, dance, or music.
  • Dance can be any style including hip hop, ballet, tap, street etc.
  • Music can be any style including instrumental, singing, drumming, signed song etc.
  • Drama can be any style including scripts, making your own play, having no script at all, mime, or telling a story with dance and moves!
  • It doesn’t matter if it is signing or spoken, we want to make sure it’s best for you!  
You need to fill in the Application form. This includes information like:
  • link to your film or how we will see your film
  • first name and last name
  • the town and country where you live
  • how old you will be by September 29 2019
  • You have got permission from your parents/carers to take part in the competition
  • What your level of deafness is
  • If you are doing  dance, drama or music
  • Why you would like to be on Raising the Bar
  • You are happy to share  your  film with the judges*
  • You can come to Birmingham on 28-29 September 2019
  • You have ticked and said yes to reading these terms and conditions

You need to make sure that you are the one in the film and your work – not anyone else’s

  • An adult can help you if you are doing music like helping with piano or a deaf child or young person playing the flute.
  • An adult/friend/family can help film your dance/drama/music show

You need to send your form by midnight on Sunday 21 July 2019.

  • It is free to apply for a place.
  • You can only enter once!
  • You can’t send your entry as a group. If you need someone to help for a dance duet or acting as a pair, that is fine but other than that we can’t have groups!
  • Only the person’s name who is on the entry form will be put forward for the competition.

Sending your films

  • You can film with one camera that is either held by someone else or against a shelf so it doesn’t wobble.
  • The camera should stay in the same place when you are performing. Films can be sent to us by a You Tube or Vimeo link OR sent to us via WeTransfer or DropBox to
  • Please do not send us CDs or memory sticks.
  • The film clip that you send should have a name for it.
  • Films must be between 1–2 minutes – this is to provide a little bit of what you can do!
  • If your film is longer than 2 minutes, let us know.
  • Films also need to be ok for under 18s to view. You can’t have offensive or inappropriate and any music used must not contain swear words.
  • Quality of film is not important as long as we can see the performance and there is audio.
  • If you use You Tube, please refer to their terms and conditions: (For e.g.
  • NDCS is not responsible for content uploaded online.
  • NDCS will use the successful films for promotion purposes unless explicitly asked not to.


  • Judges will be NDCS staff, a deaf musician, deaf dancer and deaf actor and a small group of deaf young people.
  • Judges’ decision will be final.
  • Judges will be looking for:
    • potential
    • how much you want to learn
    • initiative
    • effort
    • making your dance/drama/music your own and about YOU!
    • your amazing talent.

*Please note that all films will need to be shared with the judges in order to decide who will be successful.

Successful applicants

  • 24 places at the weekend on 28-29 September 2019 in Birmingham. There won’t be another day that you can come to if you can’t make the 28 – 29 September.
  • You won’t get cash as an alternative prize
  • We will let you know if you have got through or not 2 weeks after sending your entry.
  • If you do get through, you will need to let us know within a week of us telling you!
  • Lunch during the weekend in September will be there for you.
  • Accommodation and breakfast will be provided for the young person and one accompanying adult (sharing) where needed.
  • Participants are expected to make their own travel arrangements to/from Birmingham.
  • Financial assistance is available to families for whom the travel cost is difficult.

If the above Terms and Conditions are not met, applicants will not be eligible to apply.

The National Deaf Children’s Society is a registered charity. Number: 1016532

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