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My Life, My Health

What is My Life, My Health?

My Life, My Health is an exciting health campaign to improve deaf young people’s experiences of GP services. The campaign was created by the NDCS Young People’s Advisory Board (YAB) to support deaf young people’s access to healthcare services.

We all have to visit the doctor sometimes – it’s just part of life. At the moment you might take your parents or carers with you. You might even take a friend. As you get older and feel more confident you will probably want to go by yourself. Dan gets embarrassed he goes to the doctor with his mom, watch the video below.

We’ve sorted all our information into three sections, so you can decide which situations you find tricky and get information to help.

They are:

Get your My Life, My Health wallet card

We’ve also made a communication support wallet card for you to fill out and take to doctors appointments to help other people understand your communication needs.

The great thing about this is it’s not just for health stuff. You could use it anywhere. At the cinema. At the supermarket. At school. Anywhere where you would like some extra support with communication.

Take our quiz!

At the moment you might go to the doctors with a family member or friend, or on your own. You might have an interpreter, or your family might sign for you. We’ve made a quiz just for you, to help you figure out where your next step might be. Remember there is no right or wrong answer!

Need some more help?

If you’d like more help, support, want to ask us a question or you would like printed copies of any of our My Life, My Health resources sent to you, email us at with My Life, My Health in the subject line.


Don’t forget to download My Life, My Health resources.

My Life, My Health – Booking an appointment

My Life, My Health – Visiting my doctor

My Life, My Health – Ready to go on my own

My Life, My Health – All

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