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Meeting other Deaf young people

You’ll find lots of opportunities to meet-up or take part in events in the Deaf community. Searching for online groups and social media pages is a great place to start. Unsure where to start, have a look for your nearest National Deaf Children’s Society local group here.

Some parts of the UK have Deaf clubs where people meet up and socialise. These are groups who meet in community halls or hold events such as discos.

You can enjoy competitive sports like deaf football and deaf rugby. These sports might have different rules that give you the chance to learn new skills with other Deaf people, or be coached by people who use Sign Language. To find out more, visit UK Deaf Sports.

If you enjoy being creative, there are art exhibitions by deaf people or art tours organised by Deaf people. There are also national cultural events such as Deaf film festivals and story-telling events showing Sign Language skills.

You can even take part in dance, music and drama competitions, or signed songs. Search for ‘BSL signed songs’ on YouTube and see if your favourite songs are there!

Interested in keeping-up with news and issues?

Try joining meetings for deaf people to discuss politics or issues linked to Health. There are also some opportunities just for young people, such as youth camps and youth leadership opportunities.

These events don’t just happen in the UK, you can meet with Deaf people in Europe and worldwide too – including the World Federation of the Deaf Youth Section and the European Union of the Deaf Youth. Members of the Deaf community meet new and old friends at these events, and develop important life skills.

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