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Meet 3 amazing deaf campaigners!

Find out about these deaf campaigners who are part of UK Youth Voice and why they campaign!

What is UK Youth Voice?

UK Youth voice is a board where young people get involved with raising money, young people’s rights and lots more for all young people across the UK. The board has 18 people aged 16 – 25 from all around the UK!

Ellie, Aliyah and Jessica are now part of the board and chat about why they wanted to be part of UK Youth Voice.

Ellie, Aliyah and Jessica

Aliyah said that she wanted to be on UK Youth Voice for ages because she wants to make change: “I’ve wanted to make change in subjects such as deaf education, mental health, education in general and how to reduce deaths, whether that be from youth violence or from mental health issues.”

Aliyah wants to make sure that young people have better support at education and mental health.

Jess said that she was looking at getting work experience: “I was looking for new experiences for both myself and my CV, I wanted to keep myself busy over the summer, and after seeing UK Youth Voice advertised on Facebook, I read about it and decided to apply.”

Why is important to campaign?

For Ellie, it is important that “we have the same rights as any other young person, so why should deaf young people be any different? We should all be treated fairly and equally and get our voices heard, so changes can be made to make lives easier and more accessible for all young people.”

Aliyah chats about how important it is to get support in education for deaf young people.

At the moment, cuts are being made to support at schools for deaf young people which means it can be harder to get support with people like Teachers of the Deaf.

Aliyah also chats about how important mental health is:

“Deaf mental health is another huge issue that goes hand in hand with mental health as a whole. Deaf people are a minority but can also struggle with their mental health, as they don’t know where to start when trying to talk about it or who to talk to.”

Ellie says it is important to campaign to help others have a better understanding of people who are deaf or have a disability:

“I think that more people need to be educated and have a better awareness and understanding of not just deaf people but all disabilities too,”

Want to get your voice heard?

If you have any questions about campaigning or want to find out how you can start campaigning, send us an email

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