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  • Girl with hearing aid
    Staying safe online
    Posted in: BSL

    Staying safe online How do you stay safe online? The internet is huge. It’s great! But you need to be careful as sometimes it can be a dangerous place. Do you worry

  • Talking to your friends
    Posted in: Communication

    If your friends are not very deaf aware, don’t worry, we’ve got lots to help you! Deaf awareness is really important, but often hearing people don’t realise that they aren’t

  • Communication support
    Posted in: Communication

    What communication support can I get? There are lots of different types of communication support available. Remember you don’t have to choose between these different types of support. You might

  • Girl with hearing aid
    Learning BSL?
    Posted in: BSL

    Lots of colleges around the UK have British Sign Language (BSL) courses, but you will need to look around for the best one for you. Visit Hotcourses or Coursesplus and type in the

  • Audiology appointment - Levels of hearing
    Levels of deafness
    Posted in: Deafness and your identity

    What are the different levels of deafness? How much can deaf people hear? Find out here! The human ear can usually hear between 0dB (very quiet sounds) and 120dB (very

  • Our favourite deaf blogs
    Posted in: Your zone

    Blogs – you’ve seen a few of those, right? Blogs are web pages that are updated on a regular basis by a writer, or sometimes a few different writers. The

  • Our deaf YouTube vloggers
    Posted in: Your zone

    Something for you on our YouTube channel We’ve asked deaf young people to vlog (that’s video blogging, if you didn’t know) for us. That means they will be making videos

  • Relationships
    Posted in: Sex, relationships and your body

    Relationships become more important as you get older. You might start to have feelings for someone of the opposite sex, the same sex, or both. It’s normal and it’s no

  • Your body
    Posted in: Sex, relationships and your body

    About your body Whether you’re a boy or a girl it’s important to know more about your body and explore it. Getting to know your body will help you understand

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