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  • Right to Sign
    Posted in: Latest

    What is the Right to Sign campaign? The Right to Sign campaign is all about giving more young people a chance to learn British Sign Language (BSL). We’ve launched a

  • Look, smile, chat
    Posted in: Communication

    What’s Look, smile, chat? Thousands of deaf teenagers have told us that improving friends’ understanding of deafness and ways to communicate is really important to them. More than three in four

  • Deaf culture
    Posted in: Deafness and deaf identity

    What is Deaf culture? Wherever you go in the world, you’ll often find a group of deaf people that meet up and enjoy time together. Some deaf people strongly feel

  • Meeting up
    Posted in: Deafness and deaf identity

    Meeting other Deaf young people You’ll find lots of opportunities to meet-up or take part in events in the Deaf community. Searching for online groups and social media pages is

  • What is BSL?
    Posted in: BSL, Latest

    What is BSL (British Sign Language) and why would I want to learn? British Sign Language (BSL) is a language that deaf people use to communicate with other deaf people,

  • BSL classes
    Posted in: BSL

    Learning BSL at school British Sign Language (BSL) is not taught in most schools. But you can set up a lunchtime or after school club, and learn BSL together with

  • Practising BSL
    Posted in: BSL

    The best way to learn British Sign Language (BSL) is to practise with someone else. If you don’t have anyone to practise with, you can look online, or use books

  • Talking to your friends
    Posted in: Communication

    If your friends are not very deaf aware, don’t worry, we’ve got lots to help you! Deaf awareness is really important, but often hearing people don’t realise that they aren’t

  • Communication support
    Posted in: Communication

    What communication support can I get? There are lots of different types of communication support available. Remember you don’t have to choose between these different types of support. You might

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