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Going to Gigs and Festivals!

Check out our blog from Liam who works on our campaigns team!

He chats about music at festivals and what support there is!

I started my new role at the National Deaf Children’s Society as a Policy and Campaigns Officer.

I’ll be working on all things digital!

This includes social media, newsletters that you get online and making sure deaf young people are part of lots of campaigns!

Communication support at Glastonbury!

A few times now I’ve been lucky enough to go down to Glastonbury (both in the scorching sun and the mud), and it’s always been an incredible experience!

One of the main reasons they have been amazing is because of the support for deaf people like me.


At one of the many tents dotted around the site is Deaf Zone! Pop in there and you’ll find out about free sign language lessons for attendees!

There was also lots of signed and interpreted performances! It was so great to see! This was around different stages at the festival – even the smaller one and non-music events!

You might have seen online, there has been videos of sign language interpreters at gigs and concerts with thousands and thousands of views! It is great to see lots of creative and fun versions of popular songs!

Getting accessible music!

Sometimes, it is hard to get support and access at music gigs.

I’ve been to a few loud, noisy gigs that don’t have any support.

A performance by the band Years and Years a few years ago had too much sound which made it hard to hear the singer’s voice. I could feel the bass from the stage, but I still felt alone.

That’s why I go to smaller concerts – where you’re not too far away from the artist to lipread them or from the stage to hear the show.

Sometimes the big shows and festivals has made me feel a little bit confused by it all, with only the big screens to help me understand what’s going on.

What needs to change?

Any music event – festival, big shows or small gigs need to be accessible for deaf young people.

It would be great to have information online when booking tickets about what services they can provide for deaf and disabled people.

Who can help this?

Attitude is Everything supports getting access to live music!

They work with artists, people in music and people who watch music events. Check out their website!

Attitude is Everything have an awards night! This is called: Attitude Is Everything’s Outstanding Attitude awards! This is to celebrate those who work hard in making music events accessible.

Check out the awards here!

What experience have you had?

What experiences have you had when it comes to live concerts and festivals? Were they accessible, and which would you nominate?

After all, there’s a lot which goes into ‘the perfect gig’, and it’s not just the artist or band which you are going to see.

Venue staff who are deaf aware also add to the experience, having clear tickets and making it simple!

Let us know! Emails us:

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