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Going back to school or college after lockdown

You might have been learning at home recently because of lockdown. This will change when schools and colleges open to everyone again. Find out what might change and how to get the right support!

When you go back to school or college, there might be changes and new rules. These are there to protect you and stop the spread of coronavirus.

Any changes will depend on your school or college, where you live and what happens with coronavirus.

Whatever happens, it is important you get the support you need!

Worried about going back to school?

You might be nervous about going back to school. The changes can feel strange. You may feel like you have not  learned much at home.

But don’t worry, you are not alone! Talk about your worries with your parents, teachers, Teacher of the Deaf or anyone else who helps you.

Questions for your teachers and tutors

Teachers should involve you in decisions about your support. You’re the expert and may have your own ideas about it.

Here are questions you can ask to find out if your support will change.
Everyone is different so not all of them will be important to you.

  • Will your Teacher of the Deaf be able to visit your school? If not, how will they stay in touch? 

  • Will there be any changes to how your Teaching Assistant or Communication Support Worker helps you?

  • Will there be changes to how you use your Radio Aid?

There will be rules about keeping things clean and not ‘sharing’ equipment. This is because coronavirus can be passed through touch.

Teachers can wash their hands before or after using your Radio Aid. Your Teacher of the Deaf can tell you how to clean it too. Make sure you’re careful when doing this, so you don’t damage it.

  • If you go to a Resource base or hub, will there be changes to your support?  

Resource bases or hubs are schools where you have classes with hearing students and classes with other deaf students.

When you go back to school, there might be rules about having to stay with people in your group. This is called your ‘bubble’. If you go to a Resource base or hub, this might be different.

  • What classroom will you be in? Will it be difficult to hear your classmates and teacher?

Some schools will use new classrooms. This is because they need more space so you can move around without getting close to others.  You can ask what the noise will be like in your new classroom.

  • Will you have to learn at home? How will this work?

Some schools or colleges can’t open. Others do not have room for everyone. This means you might learn at home sometimes.

There are different ways you could be asked to learn at home. You might:

  1. Complete an activity pack
  2. Do coursework
  3. Look at education websites
  4. Take part in online lessons

If you need subtitles or sign language for videos or lessons, tell your teacher or tutor. It’s important you can understand your work and what’s being said.

You should still get help from your teaching assistant too.

  • Will you get extra help to catch up?

Lots of people are worried they haven’t learned much at home.

Some schools and colleges will arrange for catch-up support or tutors to help you. It’s important this support is deaf-friendly. Let your school or Teacher of the Deaf know if something isn’t working for you.

  • Will face masks be used in school?

The Government has said teachers don’t need to wear masks. However, it’s a good idea to check with them.

You can ask if anyone who works at school will wear a mask. If you’re worried, ask how you can communicate with anyone wearing one.

If you get the bus or train to school, you may need a face covering while you’re travelling. Different countries have different rules so make sure you know if you need one. 

Want more information or advice?

You can find out more about Coronavirus here .

If you want advice or support about going back to school, you can contact our free Helpline. It is available Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. There are lots of ways to get in touch:

  • Freephone: 0808 800 8880
  • SMS text: 07860 022888
  • Email:
  • BSL video relay – Interpreter Now

For more information, check out the Helpline page here.

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