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GCSEs: The right support can make all the difference

Exams are finished and summer is here!

But are you scared about your results? Not sure what you can do next?

Or are you doing your GCSEs next year and worried about it?

Read about the help Alex got to get his great GCSE results and what support you can have.


Alex’s help in lessons

Alex was so happy last year when he saw his GCSE exam results! When he opened the envelope he saw that he had got eleven A* – C GCSEs.

When Alex was taking his GCSEs, his school helped a lot.

Alex said: “I have a teaching assistant (TA) in every lesson to takes notes, so if I don’t understand something I can ask.”

His mum, Michelle said: “If he’s falling behind, or had to take a day off for an appointment, he can fill in the gaps.” If Alex hasn’t understood something in class he can go to a Teacher of the Deaf (ToD) for extra support.

Alex said: “I also use a radio aid in all lessons which really helps.”

Extra support outside of lessons

Alex stopped some lessons to have time for the extra help he needs. He also took other lessons about being safe in the community.

He was also supported in learning about chatting with others as sometimes “mixing with other people can be difficult.”

The school too, has carpet everywhere so the sound doesn’t bounce around and all the rooms made to block out sounds from outside.


Watch our video about people like you and the help they get in school and how important it is to have that support

Help in GSCE exams

Alex had exam support put in place by his school.

“I had 25% extra time in every exam. I was in a room by myself with an [adult] and I was allowed rest breaks.”

What help you can get

You should never feel alone in school. There are lots of ways, like Alex you can get help in school in and out of class.

Remember you DON’T have to choose between the different support you can have. At school, you may need more than one type of help at the same time.

See below for more information about what kind of communication support and help you can get.

Communication Support.

The Future for Alex and You

Alex is now going to sixth form at the school he took his GCSEs and has lots of help from the school.

The AS levels he is taking are:

  • History
  • English Literature
  • Maths
  • Biology

Alex has big plans for when he is older. He says: “I want to go on to university and become a History teacher.”

Your Future

Not sure what you want to do after school? Don’t know what help you can get?

See our YouTube Playlist of people like you about what they choose to do after leaving school.

From everyone at NDCS, if you have done your GCSEs, good luck for the results!

Let us know what your time has been like during school and if they have helped you by emailing:

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