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Young Campaigners go to First Minister’s Question Time!

For the first time, young deaf campaigners got to meet the First minster Nicola Sturgeon! Erin, Mollie and Rhys share what happened on the day.

What is First Minster’s Question Time?

  • The First Minister is voted for by lots of people to run the government in Scotland.
  • At the moment, the First Minister is Nicola Sturgeon.
  • At First Minister’s Question Time people can ask her questions that are important to them, such as school or work.

What was the day like?

100 young people from Scotland went to the event. 3 of our brilliant campaigners Erin, Mollie and Rhys went along too.

Mollie, a member of the Young People’s Advisory Board, thought the event was brilliant! She said:

 “I felt really comfortable in the environment. The views of the First Minister and the audience were interesting.”

Rhys enjoyed finding out about other people’s opinions too. He said:

“It was really interesting to find out what people had to say about mental health and other disabilities”

What did they talk about?

The First Minister and the audience talked about lots of topics. This included:

  • Learning about politics in school
  • How people can get mental health support

The audience could also ask questions on anything they wanted to talk about.

Our campaigner, Erin, got involved and asked a question. She wanted to find out what support she could get to help her become a Member of Parliament (MP).

Check out what Nicola Sturgeon’s answer to this fantastic question was here!

Mollie, Rhys and Erin with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon!

What did our campaigners get from the event?

The event helped Erin feel less worried about getting her dream job as a politician.

She said:

“Attending this event really helped and inspired me. I was nervous about my future career, because if I become an MP, I will be the only deaf politician who uses British Sign Language (BSL).”

Erin was worried she might miss out on important information during meetings. Nicola Sturgeon told her that she can get funding for BSL interpreters and any other support she needs.

This reassured Erin. She said:

“I am now calm and looking forward to my future career.”

We’re so glad Erin got the chance to ask about something that is so important to her. We know she’ll make a great MP one day!

Top Tips for asking politicians questions!

Asking a politician a question at an event like this can feel a bit scary. But don’t worry!

Here is some advice from our campaigners on how to do it:

  • Just ASK!
  • Your question can be about anything!
  • Make sure the politician understands your struggles and situation.
  • If you have solutions to a problem, say them.
  • Don’t think you can’t go to these events because you’re deaf. You can!
  • It is ok to be nervous or mix up your words. Just take your time.

Want to see the full debate?

You can watch young people asking the First Minster lots of questions here!

Want to campaign?

Do you want to campaign like Erin? Join our young campaigners!

To get involved, email us at  

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