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Blogs – you’ve seen a few of those, right?

Blogs are web pages that are updated on a regular basis by a writer, or sometimes a few different writers. The word ‘blog’ is short for ‘web log’ which is kind of like an online diary. They can be about a specific topic (like being deaf, movies, cooking, sport) or be completely random!

Lots and lots of people have written blogs about deafness. Here, we share some of the best with you…

Limping Chicken

This is a site that shares news for the adult deaf community using blogs. From people’s personal stories, to things happening in the Deaf community, Limping Chicken is updated frequently – often several times a day!

Deafinitely Girly

She’s deaf and she’s girly! Follow Deafinitely Girly as she tackles a spinning class, spends time in the mountains and hears a baby cry. She’s funny, clever, positive and ready to tell you what being deaf and having fun in London is all about!

A Deaf Boy in a Loud World

A blog explaining the best and worst parts of being deaf! Teenager Jamie says: “I am simply a teenager like any other but one difference. I was diagnosed with partial hearing impairment when I was five weeks old. But I love being deaf, it hasn’t stop me in doing what I want to do. And it certainly hasn’t stopped me being happy.”

Deaf Firefly

Donna Williams is a deaf writer living in Bristol and studying part-time in Cardiff. As well as being a postgrad student, she’s a British Sign Language poet, freelance writer, National Deaf Children’s Society Deaf Role Model and occasional performer. She explains about her blog: “I blog about what I see as a silly world from a deaf perspective.” Have a look at her blog Deaf Firefly.

Day in the Life of a Deafie

New deaf blogger E is 18 and blogs about life as a deaf young person, including sixth form, relationships, deaf awareness and making friends. It’s still early days for this blog but we think it’ll be a really interesting (and funny) place to stop by.

At the Rim

This personal blog shares daily insights, observations, challenges, and frustrations faced by families with both hearing and deaf family members. Posts also focus on current events, and news from all over the world. You’ll be on here for hours!

Life of a Thinker

This blog is about many different things and is written by deaf young person Liam. He sometimes talks about his deafness, but mostly he talks about the stuff that interests him: writing, music and photography.


This is a global community for people with hearing loss. Category tabs help you look around and recent posts are featured on the home page. Examples of recent discussion topics include new hearing aids on the market and getting married with a hearing loss.

Making Deaf Children Matter

Ian Noon has been profoundly deaf since birth which gives him a personal perspective on what needs to change for deaf children and young people in the UK. It also means he has very questionable taste in music. Ian works at the National Deaf Children’s Society where he helps look after policy, research and campaigns stuff. He has a lot to say, so what not check out his blog.

Over to you! Do you blog? Let us know (, or share any that you love reading.

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