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Days Out: Having the best day!

This page shares tips and advice on getting the most out of days out.

What help can I get?

Loop System

When buying tickets at a counter for a theme park, zoo, theatre or museum it can be difficult to hear or understand someone through glass.

A loop system can help you hear better when you’re out and about at different places.

If you have a hearing aid, they pick up the magnetic field in the loop system. The T programme on your hearing aid changes this into sounds you can hear.

It helps you hear clearer in places when there is a lot of other noise going on.

Find out more about loop systems here

How do I know if a place has a loop system?

If a place has a loop system there will be a sign (like the picture above) to show you.

You can look at the website of the place you are going to before to see if they have a loop system.

BSL tours

Some museums have British Sign Language (BSL) tours. They can show you around and give you lots of information in BSL. Some museum websites have BSL events!

You can, at some museums get BSL interpreters. You can take a look at the place you are going to and see if they have them.

Check out these examples below of the different signed support you can get.

Science Museum

SIGNtific at the science museum in London has shows for people who are deaf.

At the show, there are live subtitles and interpreters.

See more information here

Natural History Museum

At The Natural History museum you can BSL interpreters for the day. But, you will need to ask two or more weeks before you visit!

Find out more here

National museum of Scotland

You can have a tour in BSL at the National Museum of Scotland. But like the Natural History Museum, you will need to ask three or more weeks before you visit.

You can get in touch with the National Museum of Scotland in BSL: Contact Scotland BSL service here

Take a look at the access at the National museum of Scotland

Going to the Theatre

At the theatre, there are now captioned shows. There are shows that have a BSL interpreter and BSL interpreters in the show!

Find out more

Check out Deafinitely Theatre!

Deafinitely Theatre are a deaf led theatre which does shows in BSL and spoken English


In some places, they have SignCode. Signcode is where you can scan an image to get a BSL video to for the text you are looking at. For example, if you are in a gallery and need the text in BSL.

The image is called a QR code. You download on your phone a QR code reader app. Open the app store on your phone and search for QR code reader. Lots of apps will appear and you can pick one.

The signcode is different from others. It has the green logo in the middle.

Discounts on entrance:

CEA Card

A CEA Card is a card that can give your friend a free ticket to go with you to the cinema. Your friends can help you when going to the cinema and chatting with cinema staff. It also means you can get cheaper tickets too!

National Trust

National Trust have places across the UK which are deaf friendly!

Go on their website here!

It can show you the different places that are great for days out with support! You can also get a free companion card so someone can accompany you!

See more information here about what help you can get with National Trust.

Let us know your experience!

Got help on a day out? Had experience of using SignCode? Got a BSL tour? We need YOUR help!

We would love to know what your experience you have had on days out!

Email us about your days out!

If you want to chat to someone to find out more or need some help, get in touch with our Helpline! Email or chat online at livechat 

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