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Teen girl being cyberbullied - Cyberbullying

People are sending me nasty texts or online messages. What can I do?

Don’t worry. You’re not alone.

38% of young people have been cyberbullied (bullied online on social media networks, forums, instant messaging or text messaging).

Here are some tips to help you if you think you are being bullied online.

  • Tell someone. A friend, parent/carer, teacher or contact Childline.
  • Ignore them. Don’t reply to emails, posts or messages and don’t answer calls from someone who is bullying you.
  • Keep the messages so you can show someone. Take a screen grab of the page or take a picture using your phone.
  • Change your number or email address and only give it out to close friends and family. Ask them not to share it with other people.
  • Block the bullies. Most websites will let you block people you don’t want to hear from. Thinkuknow shows you how. You can also block people who send nasty texts. Not all mobiles can do this, but it’s worth checking by looking in your mobile phone’s handbook.
  • Change your privacy settings on social networks (Facebook, Twitter etc.) so that only your real friends can contact you and see your page or profile.
  • Report them. If someone has posted something upsetting about you on a website, you can report them. Visit Thinkuknow to find out how. If you have been bullied on your mobile phone, you can report them to your mobile network company.

Have a look at this video in BSL from Childline.

Get help or advice on cyberbullying

There are loads of places to get help with bullying. And the websites below can help with online and text bullying too.

  • Childline Deafzone – has some great BSL info about online bullying.
  • Sam’s real friends – watch a video in BSL with English subtitles about Sam and his online friends.
  • Mobile phone bullying – is someone sending you nasty messages? Have a look at this page for advice on what to do.
  • Facebook and social network bullying – are you being bullied on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat? Get some advice on social networks.
  • Worried? Who can you tell if you are worrried about cyberbullying? You can talk to someone you trust like a teacher or a friend. Or you can report this to the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) – they have special staff to help. Your report will go to experts who will understand how easy it is to be tricked online and will take your report seriously. You won’t be in trouble, so try not to worry. Someone will be in touch with you to make sure you’re okay and to talk about what happens next.

Need some more help?

If you’d like more help, support or ask us a question just send us an email (


Cyberbullying postcard

How to be safe and smart online

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