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Change social care in Wales!

Are you deaf? Do you live in Wales? Are you aged 12-25?

Great! We need your help.

The National Deaf Children’s Society Cymru is trying to find out how local areas in Wales can improve children’s social care for deaf children and young people.

This is to help the Welsh Government know what social care support deaf children and young people should get.

Sometimes this support comes from children’s social services and can include help from a social worker.

But if you haven’t had any help or support from children’s social services don’t worry! We DO still want to hear from you!

We have a short survey which we would like you to complete. It is in written English and also BSL and should take about ten minutes only.

Here is the survey!

Here is the survey in Welsh!

Part 1 is for everyone to fill in and Part 2 if you have had support from children’s social care

What is Social care?

Not sure what children’s Social Care is? See below!

The Government is responsible for making sure all children grow up safe and well and feel included.

Some children need extra help with this. This help comes from children’s social care.

  • Being deaf means it is not always easy to do the same things as other hearing children so you may need extra help from children’s social care.
  • For example, this could be helping you join a youth club or activity by getting communication support or a sign language interpreter.
  • To get this type of help, you may have met a social worker, from children’s social care.

What is a social worker?

Social workers might work with you to try to find what you need help with. Social workers make sure you are safe and looked after well.

Social workers can sometimes give you specialist equipment like:

  • a vibrating alarm clock so you can wake up by yourself
  • a flashing doorbell so you know when someone is visiting.

Also social workers support children who live with foster carers or in a children’s home. This is because these children are not able to be looked after by their parents. These children should have a social worker who visits them, talks to them and makes sure they’re cared for properly. 

These are just a few examples or the support from children’s social care. There are many others.

The deadline for the survey is 31 August!

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