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  • Self-harm
    Posted in: Health and wellbeing

    Self-harm What is self-harm? Self-harming is when you hurt yourself on purpose. This can be: cutting or scratching burning pulling out your hair causing bruises punching or banging your head

  • Emotional health
    Posted in: Health and wellbeing

    Most people will, at some point in their life, experience periods of feeling sad, anxious, unmotivated or low. However, if this problem lasts for weeks or months it could be

  • General Health: Live Well
    Posted in: Health and wellbeing

    It’s important to keep yourself happy and healthy, so you grow into a healthy adult. Substances like alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs and even large quantities of sugar will take their

  • Eating Disorders
    Posted in: Health and wellbeing

    When people think of a person with an eating disorder, they usually imagine someone who has anorexia. But there are many different types of eating disorders that can affect a

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