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Learning BSL at school

British Sign Language (BSL) is not taught in most schools. But you can set up a lunchtime or after school club, and learn BSL together with your friends. You might like to talk to your teacher about setting up a BSL class at your school.

Your school can become an approved centre in teaching BSL. You might be able to get a BSL qualification too. Speak to a teacher at your school and show them this website.

The organisation Signature wants to have BSL as a GCSE subject. This will mean that you can ask to learn BSL at school just like you learn GCSE French and German. Find out more about Signature’s campaigns here.

You could also take a look at Primary Sign, which runs a schools project so that children and young people can learn sign language in schools. Ask your teacher if your school can get a learning pack.

I want my family to learn BSL too. What can I do?

If you want your family members to learn sign language, you could sign up for a BSL class all together. But you may have to pay for the courses. For more information on how to get funding, click here.

You could also send an email to your local deaf children’s society; they might have courses for you. Find yours here.

We know that it is important for you and your family to go on sign language courses that are free. We are asking the Government to create more Family Sign Language courses for you and your family.

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