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Borrow technology for free!

We have a technology loan service called the Technology Test Drive.

It works a bit like a library, but instead of books you can borrow technology products for deaf young people. We have hundreds of products, for example:

Vibrating alarm clocks: for waking up independently at home or when you’re away

Flashing doorbells: to know when parcels or pizzas are delivered

Gaming headsets with big earcups so they sit comfortably over your hearing devices

If you are 16-25 years old you can borrow technology without the help of your parents or carer (if you’re under 16, you’ll need to get an adult to borrow technology for you).

Every deaf person is different! That’s why borrowing products can help you decide what works for you. All you need to do is:

  • Look through the 4 categories of products: Alerting, phones and accessories, TV, gaming, music and listening
  • Click on the order form button to request all your products you want to borrow – maximum 2 (you can find this button on every product webpage). You can borrow more products after you’ve returned the first 2 products.

That’s it!

We will then send you the products and packaging to return it.

You can then:

  • Try it out for 4 weeks
  • Take good care of the product
  • Make sure you put everything back in the packaging, and
  • Post it back to us for free!

Don’t forget: Make sure to post it back on time as there are lots of other deaf young people who want to try out tech too!

Check out what Jayden (16) said about borrowing a vibrating alarm clock:

With this alarm clock I feel more independent and relaxed in the morning as I could get up on time!

I think vibrating alarm clocks are great when you want to get up on your own and do stuff without your family!

If you need help with borrowing products, just email

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