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Here are some blogs and websites with information about hearing aids and cochlear implants:

  • What is a Cochlear Implant? – this website for teenagers has lots of info on cochlear implants and how they work.
  • Blog on CI – thinking of getting an cochlear implant or want to know more about your implant? Check out this blog.
  • Sounding Board for Teens – read all about cochlear implants. Learn from young adults how they coped growing up as a teenager with an implant.
  • Want to know why people are deaf? – Have a read here to find out different reasons why people are deaf.
  • Understanding the Deaf World – This guy tells us what the world looks like from a deaf person’s point of view and gives some tips to hearing people. Great to share with your hearing friends! (please note that he talks about American Sign Language not British Sign Language)

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