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  • Want to learn new skills?
    Posted in: Latest, Your zone

    The Development Grant The National Deaf Children’s Society has an opportunity for deaf young people aged 11-25 years old! Do you like to learn new things, would you like to

  • Emotional health
    Posted in: Health and wellbeing

    Most people will, at some point in their life, experience periods of feeling sad, anxious, unmotivated or low. However, if this problem lasts for weeks or months it could be

  • General Health: Live Well
    Posted in: Health and wellbeing

    It’s important to keep yourself happy and healthy, so you grow into a healthy adult. Substances like alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs and even large quantities of sugar will take their

  • Eating Disorders
    Posted in: Health and wellbeing

    When people think of a person with an eating disorder, they usually imagine someone who has anorexia. But there are many different types of eating disorders that can affect a

  • Right to Sign
    Posted in: Latest

    What is the Right to Sign campaign? The Right to Sign campaign is all about giving more young people a chance to learn British Sign Language (BSL). We’ve launched a

  • Look, smile, chat
    Posted in: Communication

    What’s Look, smile, chat? Thousands of deaf teenagers have told us that improving friends’ understanding of deafness and ways to communicate is really important to them. More than three in four

  • Deaf culture
    Posted in: Deafness and deaf identity

    What is Deaf culture? Wherever you go in the world, you’ll often find a group of deaf people that meet up and enjoy time together. Some deaf people strongly feel

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